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DF Retro by Digital Foundry Looks Back on the Significance, Technical Accomplishments and Ports of 'Halo: Combat Evolved'
uberfoop shared a new, thorough piece from Digital Foundry that looks back on Halo: Combat Evolved, its significance, technical accomplishments and ports to other systems. It really is an amazing retrospective on the software that created a cultural juggernaut and brought this very website into existence! (MacGyver10 17:25:19 UTC) (permalink)


Rockslider Has More Fun with Those Stuck Banshees
Rockslider is back with another take on his stuck banshee, even turning the Covenant against themselves! Check it out in his forum post for the local, high-quality video or the YouTube one! (MacGyver10 17:05:24 UTC) (permalink)


New/Old Halo Concept Art Posted by Isaac Hannaford
Black Six sent us an email three days ago (sorry for the delay!) giving us a heads up that Isaac Hannaford had put up a few new pieces of Halo concept art. My personal favorites were Halo Reach spartan engagements and the amazing ODST LootCrate illustration! (MacGyver10 16:59:16 UTC) (permalink)


Old School Halo Helmets and New 12-Spartan 'Warlords' Playlist Coming to Warzone
Hope you're enjoying the Halo Wars 2 Blitz beta (I'm having trouble selecting cards with a controller!), but here's a few things over the weekend that can be consolidated into one post.

(MacGyver10 16:47:09 UTC) (permalink)


Sunday's news in brief:

Remember, no news isn't necessarily bad news.

Saturday's news in brief:

We love video game development so much, we've decided to "go dark" ourselves today.
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